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Ice Cream Gets an Irish Twist at Cone Gourmet Ice Cream - Left Bank Blog

Ice Cream Gets an Irish Twist at Cone Gourmet Ice Cream

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St. Patrick’s Day may be a long while away yet, but you can still celebrate Irish culture and heritage throughout the year. That’s true for no one more than for Sean McGuire, owner of Cone Gourmet Ice Cream. Born and raised in County Mayo, Ireland, McGuire aims to share his love for his home country through sweet treats at the family-owned business. 

Ice cream may not be the first dish to come to mind when you think of Ireland but, at Cone Gourmet Ice Cream, they highlight the luck⁠—and flavors⁠—of the Irish with options like the “Shamrock,” which comes covered in Lucky Charms, and “The Spud,” with crunch bar, hot caramel, and salt n vinegar chips. These unique creations bring out the taste of Éire in a creative blend of salty, sweet, and ice cream. 

With European style soft serve, ice cream sandwiches, and both dairy and non-dairy selections available daily, anyone can enjoy the Irish-inspired flavors of Cone Gourmet Ice Cream at any time of year. Filling a cookie cone or with one scoop on top of another, in a sundae, milkshake, or dipped in Irish chocolate, your tastebuds will feel the luck of the Irish from your first bite. 

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