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Save Room for Dessert at Bureau Bar and Restaurant - Left Bank Blog

Save Room for Dessert at Bureau Bar and Restaurant

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Just like a happily ever after is the best part of a story, dessert is often the best part of a meal. The only downside? Choosing just one. At the Bureau Bar and Restaurant, though, that decision isn’t a difficult one. 

One way they make your choice simple is by keeping their dessert menu succinct. With just a few options, your dessert is sure to complement their variety of classic bar foods⁠—appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, salads, sides, and more⁠. 

To make things even easier for indecisive diners, the Bureau lets you try a variety of flavors in one dish with a particularly unique item, their cheesecake flight. With strawberry, blueberry, and caramel topping options, you’ll have an assortment of flavors to choose from with each bite, without missing out on any of them. 

This newly opened Chicago spot has plenty to offer. From a classic cheeseburger or pan seared salmon to cheesecake flights or chocolate cake, your meal will be undoubtedly delicious from start to finish. Paired with your choice of cocktail or other drink, the Bureau Bar experience is a step up from any you’ve tried before.

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