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Bring a Sweet Tooth to Veruca Chocolates on Valentine’s Day - Left Bank Blog

Bring a Sweet Tooth to Veruca Chocolates on Valentine’s Day

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xdIf you’re a candy fan, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Veruca Salt, one of the lucky children to win a golden ticket in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If you’re a candy fan here in Chicago, though, you probably think of a different Veruca when it comes to sweet treats: Veruca Chocolates. Led by owner Meghan Ryan, Veruca Chocolate offers options for Valentine’s Day, general gifts, and chocolates you’ll enjoy just because. 

The Valentine’s Day collection at Veruca Chocolates focuses on “ luxury chocolates that embrace the romantic spirit,” including caramels, fondue, bonbons, and other festive treats. You even have the chance to choose cookies or hot chocolate bombs as a unique Valentine’s Day dessert. 

But, when you want chocolate now, you can’t wait for a holiday like Valentine’s Day. That’s okay—there’s no shortage of tasty sweets you can enjoy at any time. From gift boxes and chocolate truffles to chocolate bar flights and gourmet s’mores, you’ll find something to satisfy your most urgent cravings at Veruca Chocolates. 

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