Treat Your Valentine to Artisan Candies From Chocolat Uzma Sharif

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Your special someone deserves a sweet treat as special as they are for Valentine’s Day, even if it’s just one or two delectable bites. For candy that is unique, beautiful, and downright delicious, visit Chocolat Uzma Sharif on South Halstead Street in the Pilsen neighborhood. This small-batch producer (and woman-owned small business) creates the candies of your dreams, each gorgeously finished and almost too pretty to eat. Brightly painted bon bons, flavor-infused bars and truffles, and picture-worthy dipped fruit are the go-tos for Valentine’s Day, and are sure to impress. Other options include cakes, cookies, and brownies, plus the popular sipping chocolates that taste like the most indulgent cocoa you’ve ever had in a smooth, molten form. 

So who’s on your Valentine’s Day gift list this year? Your significant other, parents, and kids all deserve something exceptional, plus all of the other folks that have made this past year a bit more bearable. Treat them all with Chocolat Uzma Sharif!

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