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See (and Smell) What’s in Bloom at Lurie Garden - Left Bank Blog

See (and Smell) What’s in Bloom at Lurie Garden

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There’s no reason why Lurie Garden isn’t as iconic as the Chicago Bean or Navy Pier. This sprawling garden is utterly gorgeous, and home to so many species of flowers that there is something new to discover with every trip.

Lurie Garden is divided into 10 distinct areas to help you identify the different floral varieties, and the site has a handy guide for you to search by color, plant type, and season. Spring brings lots of purple hues from drumstick allium, star of Persia, and poppy mallows, plus splashes of white, lime green, and soft pink. But as May turns to June, expect a whole different set of blooms and colors in each area. When it comes to lovely outdoor activities in and around Millennium Park, Lurie Garden is worth every bit of acclaim that it gets. 

Visit the website to read park rules – Lurie Garden is a peaceful and serene place in part because it prohibits bike riding, smoking, and/or loud music. Be sure to wear your mask as well. 

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