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Rustic Italian Fare Is on the Menu at Rose Mary - Left Bank Blog

Rustic Italian Fare Is on the Menu at Rose Mary

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New eatery Rose Mary marries the best of fancy, chef-driven cuisine with a relaxed, homestyle dining experience. The dining room is modeled after Croatian taverns called konobos, making the atmosphere feel exceptionally homey and warm. But as exquisite plates of squid ink risotto, tuna crudo, and plum-glazed duck emerge from the galley, you’ll realize that this is no home kitchen. Rose Mary is the first effort from Chef Joe Flamm, and is a celebration of his Italian heritage and deep love of traditional Croatian cuisine. You’ll taste Chef’s Flamm’s dedication in dishes like cacio e pepe pasta, Stracciatella salad, and other Mediterranean masterpieces, plus homestyle, rustic fare like cevapi, beef burek, and lamb ragu.
Publications like The Infatuation and Eater Chicago are taking note, and have been pouring plenty of praise on this newly minted eatery in the Fulton Market district. Visit the website for quick links to all the restaurant’s great press, or to preview the menu and make your reservation today. 

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