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Now Open Near Your Apartment at Left Bank: Chikatana - Left Bank Blog

Now Open Near Your Apartment at Left Bank: Chikatana

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If the striking design of Chikatana’s stylish dining room doesn’t convince you that it’s worth checking out, then the menu of Mexican-Midwestern cuisine definitely should. The chef at this newly opened eatery draws inspiration from the bustling cities and rolling countryside of Mexico, but puts an American twist on each dish with the help of local, seasonal ingredients.
Case in point: the seasonal quesadilla. This dish features an ever-changing lineup of fresh veggies (currently squash blossoms) tucked inside of house-made tortillas with queso Oaxaca, pico de gallo, and salsa verde. The carne asada also highlights a mash-up of the two cultures, featuring a 14-ounce American Wagyu Zabuton steak embellished with avocado mash, salsa roja, and fresh pico. Some of the dishes stick a little closer to Mexican tradition, but always with a dash of modern flair. For example, the cochinita pibil tacos showcase slow-cooked pork, annatto, and pickled onion with citrus, while the jaiba tacos come stuffed with soft-shell crab and cabbage, all dressed in chili-lime mayo and Fresno hot sauce. Add a signature cocktail to complete your feast at Chikatana.

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