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Expect Uncommon Flavors at Velvet Taco Fulton Market - Left Bank Blog

Expect Uncommon Flavors at Velvet Taco Fulton Market

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Korean fried rice. Mexi-Cali shrimp. Chicken and waffles. These probably aren’t dishes you’d expect to see on the menu at a single restaurant—let alone a taqueria. Newly opened Velvet Taco Fulton Market forgoes culinary tradition in favor of taco flavors that range from unexpected to downright out-there.
Case in point, the new Korean fried rice taco. It’s stuffed with Korean pork and egg-fried rice, along with pickled red onions, jalapenos, red chile aioli, and grilled pineapple for a punch of sweetness. The Mexi-Cali shrimp taco is another newcomer, this one featuring blackened shrimp, Napa slaw, avocado-corn pico, and citrus-lime crema, with just a drizzle of sriracha. The chicken and waffle taco takes a page from the recipe book of classic American comfort food with its crispy chicken tenders, peppered bacon, and peppercorn gravy, all drizzled with maple syrup and tucked inside of a waffle-pressed tortilla. Velvet Taco also offers a full lineup of meat-free options, not to mention internationally inspired sides such as red curry coconut queso and barbacoa beef nachos.

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