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Explore the Ever-Changing Inventory at Knee Deep Vintage - Left Bank Blog

Explore the Ever-Changing Inventory at Knee Deep Vintage

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A few years ago, Knee Deep Vintage departed from its original location to join the growing collection of eclectic businesses in the vibrant neighborhood of Pilsen. Its well-curated selection of vintage items is the perfect addition to the bustling area, especially since it’s situated in such a bright, welcoming 1,500-square-foot storefront in historic Thalia Hall.
Shopping the stylish secondhand finds is an easy way to stay on-budget and reduce the amount of waste you generate, so it’s worth stopping by to do a bit of browsing. The inventory is vast and varied, ranging from grunge-era tees to party dresses from the mid-20th century. Make sure you allow plenty of time to peruse the racks as they’re constantly being updated with fresh pieces. And if you have any questions about the clothing, feel free to ask one of the staffers. They all have years of experience in the vintage fashion industry and they’re notorious for their friendly, outgoing personalities. For a sneak peek at the items you might score in-store, check out Knee Deep’s regularly updated Instagram page.

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