Enjoy Exercise and Holiday Cheer at the Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon

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Maggie Daley Park provides a warm-weather respite for city dwellers just a stone’s throw from the bustling Loop, and it continues that tradition well into the winter months. That’s all thanks to the Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon. Yes, you read that correctly—it’s not a traditional ice skating rink, but rather, a ribbon.
What’s an ice-skating ribbon, you ask? Think of it like a lazy river for ice skaters. It’s a snaking loop that winds around Maggie Daley Park’s central sculpture, twisting and turning as it goes. It provides a one-way route for anyone looking to get in some exercise and enjoy some fresh air! In order to ensure the ice skating ribbon never gets too crowded, there’s an online reservation system in place. Choose your date and skating session (the two-hour slots start at 11 a.m. and end at 10 p.m. each day), then pay the fee ($16+, including rental skates). Make sure you show up within your designated time to enjoy a skating session since refunds are not available (unless there’s inclement weather and your session is canceled). 

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