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Test Your Creative Skills at Penguin Foot Pottery

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Penguin Foot Pottery’s staff is about helping in “the pursuit of clay.” If your resolution is to be more creative in 2022, let them. Schedule an introductory four-week session to learn how to use the potter’s wheel to create a work of art. Each course includes a two-hour in-studio session each week, along with open studio time as available. 
The first week, you’ll learn the basics: how to center your clay on the wheel, and then open and pull it into a cylindrical shape. Week two, take time to hone your skills and build on them with some new shaping approaches. Come week three, you’ll trim your piece of pottery and refine it. Then at the final session, learn how to glaze pottery like a pro before the staff fires the finished product. Are you more interested in constructing a pot by hand? The hand-building courses follow a similar four-week pattern, starting with fundamentals and slowly building on your skills until you can create a completed masterpiece. To secure some open studio time beyond your scheduled sessions, make an appointment online.

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