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Savor Elevated International Cuisine and Wine at Oriole - Left Bank Blog

Savor Elevated International Cuisine and Wine at Oriole

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You never know exactly what to expect at Oriole—other than gourmet American and globally inspired dishes. That’s because the chef refreshes the multi-course menu from day to day, showcasing his newest inventions with a mix of locally sourced seasonal ingredients and high-quality ingredients from all around the world.
With more than 300 perfect five-star reviews and a wine list nearly 30 pages long, it’s safe to say Oriole offers an elevated dining experience that’s only augmented by its ever-changing menu. Don’t be surprised if you see popular dishes like the Hudson Valley foie gras and the Japanese A5 Wagyu steak on the menu, alongside Golden Osetra caviar, lamb belly, and Alaskan King crab. The kitchen also routinely crafts pasta from scratch, like the popular capellini with Australian winter truffle, puffed wheat, and yeast Beurre Monte, and serves up a variety of fancy seafood bites—try the sea urchin or the oysters. Regardless of what’s on the dinner menu, you’ll always find the perfect complement on the extensive wine list. Let the sommelier design a lineup of pairings specific to that evening’s menu.

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