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Experience the City From a New Point of View at Tilt at 360 Chicago - Left Bank Blog

Experience the City From a New Point of View at Tilt at 360 Chicago

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Even if you’ve lived in Chicago for years, you’ve never experienced anything quite like the bird’s eye view from Tilt at 360 Chicago. It’s an interactive part of the 360 Chicago Observation Deck, which sits atop the John Hancock Center on the 94th Floor. From up there, just peering out the window is an experience—but Tilt takes things a step further.
True to its name, the newly unveiled attractive literally tilts guests out over the Magnificent Mile. A section of highly sturdy, floor-to-ceiling windows has been mechanized to allow guests to step up to a section, hold onto the handles on either side, and slowly lean out over the city. You’ll be able to see from Navy Pier to the Willis Tower and beyond—all while observing the hustle and bustle of the Magnificent Mile nearly 100 stories down. The attraction is open until 9 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and late-night (until 11 p.m.) on Fridays and Saturdays—allowing you plenty of time to grab a drink at the Hancock Center’s famed bar for some liquid courage before checking out Tilt.

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