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The Chicago Sky Lantern Festival is Coming to Town on May 21st - Left Bank Blog

The Chicago Sky Lantern Festival is Coming to Town on May 21st

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The past few years have been challenging, to say the least. What if you could release all of that negative energy and breathe positivity into what remains of 2022? That’s exactly the opportunity you’ll get when you participate in the Chicago Sky Lantern Festival on Saturday, May 21st.
Held within driving distance from city limits, usually on private land (the exact location is released a week before the event), the Sky Lantern Festival kicks off after dusk. Before the sun goes down, you’ll receive your own paper lantern. BYO markers so you can decorate it however you like—perhaps with memories of past difficulties you’d like to let go of, or maybe with a message for a loved one who’s passed on. After night falls, light your lantern’s candle and watch as it sails into the sky alongside hundreds of others. The ethereal experience is best enjoyed with your cell phone silenced and out of sight. After the lantern release, pull out your camping chairs or blanket and set up a spot on the lawn for you and your crew. From there, you can disperse to grab food, listen to live music, or shop with the local vendors on-site.

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