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Celebrate September, Embrace Festivities at Left Bank - Left Bank Blog

Celebrate September, Embrace Festivities at Left Bank

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This September, immerse yourself in vibrant events infusing energy, camaraderie, and exploration into Chicago, IL. Left Bank welcomes you to an exceptional lineup of celebrations, honoring hard work, embracing cultural traditions, and fostering unity.


As leaves color the city and the air turns crisp, our urban landscape buzzes with excitement. Labor Day kicks off our festivities, honoring the tenacity of the American worker. At Left Bank, we celebrate the contributions shaping our nation's prosperity, inviting you to join in.


After September 4th, the fun continues. From September 16th to October 3rd, immerse yourself in Oktoberfest, a Munich-born celebration. Left Bank brings this lively tradition to Chicago with music, cuisine, and activities, offering cultural exploration in our dynamic city.


And that's not all – our Oktoberfest event at Left Bank doubles the fun. September is National Honey Month; our sky terrace beehives, cared for by Alveole beekeepers, contribute to safeguarding these vital creatures. Join us for Hispanic Heritage Month all September long, and extend warm wishes for Rosh Hashanah on 9/16 and Yom Kippur on 9/26.


Prepare for a dynamic September brimming with possibilities at Left Bank. We're eager to celebrate with you and share these cherished moments within our spirited and welcoming community.

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