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Celebrations in May at Left Bank

In May, there are some very important holidays to celebrate this month. Left Bank encourages our residents to take part in celebrating Mother’s Day and honoring Memorial Day, while also recognizing this month as Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month.    This year, celebrate Mother’s Day the old-fashioned way. You don’t need flowers and…

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World Bee Day at Left Bank

May is such a beautiful month with stunning weather, blooming flowers, and gorgeous animals and insects in nature. One of the most important aspects of our current warm weather environment are pollinators. Such as bees, butterflies, bats, and hummingbirds.    These pollinators contribute directly to food security and conversing biodiversity. To raise awareness of the…

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Visit Art on theMART Left Bank Residents

The largest permanent digital art project in the world is in the backyard of our Left Bank community.  Projecting contemporary artwork across the 2.5-acre river-façade of the MART: Art on theMART.  The latest step forward for Chicago’s iconic visionary trajectory of public art. Introduced in September 2018, its launch event attracted over 32,000 people. Since…

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