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How to Make Your Apartment Extra Cozy for Autumn

With its shorter days and dipping temperature, the fall season reinvigorates our desire for cozy, welcoming spaces. Here are a few tips to help you bring autumn into your apartment—in the snuggliest, comfiest way possible. Toss up some twinkle lights. Twinkle lights instantly create a cozy vibe within your home, transforming a simple space into something…

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Now Open Near Your Apartment at Left Bank: Chikatana

If the striking design of Chikatana’s stylish dining room doesn’t convince you that it’s worth checking out, then the menu of Mexican-Midwestern cuisine definitely should. The chef at this newly opened eatery draws inspiration from the bustling cities and rolling countryside of Mexico, but puts an American twist on each dish with the help of local,…

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Need-to-Know Info for a Fun (and Safe) Camping Trip

Planning a camping trip this summer? Getting outdoors is a fun and safe option for a couples’ or a family vacation, but you’ll fare better if you’re prepared! Here are a few tips for newbies. Know your options. You don’t have to dive right into tent camping if you’re a novice! Many campsites offer alternatives like…

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Chinatown Bazaar: A Must-Stop Shop Near Left Bank in Chicago

Despite its simple furnishings, it’s impossible to ignore Chinatown Bazaar’s splendor. The beauty comes from the merchandise itself, not the decor. True to its name, Chinatown Bazaar’s items capture Chinese culture at its most stunning. Colorful paper lanterns hang overhead, ornate kimonos and Chinese dresses hang along the walls, and painstakingly carved figurines sit on the…

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Enjoy Delicious Dairy-Free Ice Cream at Vaca’s Creamery

Vaca’s Creamery isn’t just new to Chicago. It’s an entirely new take on the ice cream shop, in general. Whereas most “creameries” rely on cow’s milk, Vaca’s skips traditional dairy in favor of oat milk-based treats. In fact, it doesn’t use any animal products at all, not even in the fudge sauce or chocolate candy shell.…

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Your Guide to Decorating Your Apartment for Summer

Summer has finally arrived after what probably felt like a very long season of cold and rain. To celebrate, add some spice to your space! Here are a few ideas to make your abode feel super summery. When in doubt, go with white hues. Whether you’re picking a new tablecloth, duvet, or gauzy curtains for summer,…

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Expect Peace and Quiet at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

Your little piece of paradise awaits at Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool, a true oasis among the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago. Make a stop anytime you’re headed to the conservatory, or after a trip to the zoo for a little bit of quiet contemplation. The park is a popular spot for photos and engagements, and…

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Rustic Italian Fare Is on the Menu at Rose Mary

New eatery Rose Mary marries the best of fancy, chef-driven cuisine with a relaxed, homestyle dining experience. The dining room is modeled after Croatian taverns called konobos, making the atmosphere feel exceptionally homey and warm. But as exquisite plates of squid ink risotto, tuna crudo, and plum-glazed duck emerge from the galley, you’ll realize that this is…

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Unconventional Brunch Recipes to Whip Up This Father’s Day

They say the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so it’s only fitting that a day devoted to dad would be full of delicious things to eat. And when the food surprises his taste buds with unique flavor combinations and unexpected ingredients? Even better! This Father’s Day, treat Dad to a…

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