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Savor Sensational Desserts at JoJo’s Shake Bar - Left Bank Blog

Savor Sensational Desserts at JoJo’s Shake Bar

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JoJo’s Shake Bar takes the classic ice cream parlor and makes it over for the modern day—plus craft cocktails. Its otherworldly milkshakes and fresh twist on traditional American comfort food bring the soda shop into a new era that includes creative libations that are for adults only. 
Kick off happy hour with one of the signature concoctions, such as the “Not Sangria.” In place of wine, you’ll find tequila teeming with muddled blackberry and other fresh fruit, plus St. Germain. It’s all encircled by a salt-crusted rim. Prefer gin? The Blueberry Gin & Juice also brings fresh spring flavors with its blend of blueberry and lemon, but they’re backed by Botanist Gin and Cointreau. Complement your cocktails with bacon- and cheese-smothered fries, a fully stacked sandwich, or the baked mac and cheese. Just make sure you’re not too full to enjoy a Wonder Years blueberry shake loaded with candy marshmallows, cotton candy, and gummy candy or a Chocolate Nirvana teeming with crushed Oreos, chocolate-covered marshmallows, and a full chocolate chip cookie on top

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